If Ron Paul were President, people hard hit by Friday's devastating tornadoes wouldn't get any financial help from the government.


Sound outrageous?  Well, on Sunday, the GOP presidential candidate and self-described libertarian told CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ that victims of those violent storms shouldn’t be given emergency financial aid from the federal government.

“There is no such thing as federal money. Federal money is just what they steal from the states and steal from you and me,” Paul said, adding, “The people who live in tornado alley, just as I live in hurricane alley, they should have insurance.”

No word on how he’d deal with people who do have insurance but whose insurers refuse to pay (as often happened after Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters), but while he feels it’s okay for the National Guard to step in with care and shelter in major emergencies, he thinks people too often count on the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for financial assistance.

“To say that any accident that happens in the country, send in FEMA, send in the money, the government has all this money—it is totally out of control and it’s not efficient,” Paul said.

Paul's recent comments are expected to hurt him politically in his bid for the republican nomination. Check out the comments for yourself:

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