This might be one of the smartest things New Japan Pro Wrestling has ever done. The night before WWE's Royal Rumble, they force a break in the biggest faction in the pro wrestling world, involving the best pro wrestler in the world.

With the Royal Rumble happening tonight, there's always a chance you'll see a surprise signing show up out of nowhere, and Kenny Omega's name has been on top of wish lists for WWE fans for years. So NJPW is likely playing off that timing to get everyone around the internet to speculate about Omega. After all, the leader of The Bullet Club before Omega was AJ Styles, who was kicked out right before making his WWE debut in the Royal Rumble.

But this will more than likely be a chance for NJPW to score some attention points more than Omega making the jump. At the end of Omega's "firing" from The Bullet Club, he was saved by his former tag-team partner, Kota Ibushi. You can see it here:

A few weeks ago, Omega saved Ibushi from a Bullet Club beat-down, which helped set the stage for last night. The video of that run-in save is right here:

Plus, Omega sent out a Tweet last night cementing that he and Ibushi will likely be reforming their tag team:

It would be incredible to see Kenny Omega show up at the Royal Rumble tonight, but it's probably not going to happen.

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