Votes have been cast, the results are in and the world has chosen seven new wonders of nature with some old favorites missing from the list.

On Friday, November 11, the New7Wonders organization announced the world’s choices for the new Seven Wonders of Nature to help commemorate the 11/11/11 date, and celebrate the natural beauty of the Earth.

The winners of a worldwide, online vote are…

1. The Amazon rainforest of South America

2. Halong Bay in Vietnam

3. Iguazu Falls in Argentina

4. South Korea’s Jeju Island

5. Table Mountain in South Africa

6. Komodo Island in Indonesia

7. The Philippines’ Puerto Princesa.

Popular favorites that didn’t make the list included the Grand Canyon, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, the Middle East’s Dead Sea and Galapagos in Ecuador. Maybe next year, Biggest Ball of Twine.

According to the New7Wonders website, its mission is to inspire people around the world through global voting campaigns that highlight “what unites us all,” celebrate the beauty of our planet and foster respect for nature. The organization’s founder Bernard Weber said, “If we want to save anything, we first need to truly appreciate it.”

Read more about the voting processs on the Official New 7 Wonders of the World site, and check out photos of the winning seven natural wonders below.

[via Daily Mail]

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