As a pizza-lover who works daily in west Shreveport, this pleases me.

I think it's been a few months since Pizza Hut closed down off Greenwood road near Pines road. This was a devastating blow to all of us radio DJ's who work on Pines road and basically live off pizza.

The good news is, as I was driving down Pines road today I happened to glance over at what looks to be a construction site. This site had something special about it, as if the pizza Gods were saying, "Jay, tell your belly to hang in there, help is on the way". Sure enough, the news I received made me quite happy.

That construction site will soon be home to a brand new Pizza Hut!

It's located right next to the new Raising Cane's on Pines road, which means I can get my all-time favorite Cane's chicken fingers for lunch, and bring Pizza Hut home for the family once i get off the air.

Big news for Pines road and west Shreveport!



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