While New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara is known to rock a contagious smile, some are frowning over his recent social media activity. After Alvina Kamara publicly shared direct messages from an Alabama high school football player, who seemingly used a racial slur, some on social media are applauding the Saints running back while others say that he went too far.

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After New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara put on a stellar performance in his last game, you'd better believe that there were many fans sending him messages of congratulations and support.

But, when one fan's message to the Saint contained a racial slur along with its message of congratulations - Kamara decided that others should know about it.

See a screenshot of Kamara's Instagram story which includes his own screenshot of his conversation with an Alabama high school student.


When Alvin Kamara responded to the student's message, the guy seemingly apologizes and explains how he is a big fan.

But Kamara felt that others needed to know about the language the young football player was using.


As you can see, the student once again apologizes and asks Kamara to delete the post. He says, "I am getting harassed".

Social Media Reacts to Alvin Kamara Exposing High School Student's DM

Quickly, Kamara's Instagram story posts made their way to Twitter. Some praised AK for exposing the young person's choice of words, but others didn't quite see it the same way.

Some even referred to Alvin Kamara's recent assault charge in Las Vegas, which is still pending, saying that the NFL star may have ruined the student's life.

What do you think? Was this how Alvin Kamara should have handled the situation? Or did he take things too far? Let us know in the comments.

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