Tonight's NBA Draft will be loaded with New Orleans Pelicans action. The team won the NBA Draft Lottery, and will probably (almost absolutely) be using that pick to take Duke forward Zion Williamson.

But last weekend, the Pelicans also swung a trade to send disgruntled star Anthony Davis to the Los Angeles Lakers, which pumped up their Draft stock. The Pelicans added this year's #4 overall pick in the draft too. But they also added a package of players that are former Top 3 picks as well. Creating a roster that is loaded with talent, on top of a stash of picks.

Which all comes down to the #4 overall pick.

Because the players that are values at #4 overall play the same positions they just filled with the players they got in the Anthony Davis deal. So taking someone at that draft slot to fill a spot on the depth chart that's already occupied is not in the best interest of the team. Here's ESPN's take...


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