Neal McCoy will release his new album ‘XII’ on March 6 after a five-year hiatus. The album, produced by country couple Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, is McCoy’s 12th studio effort. The singer just shared the track listing for the album, along with some accolades from his high-profile production team.

McCoy is proud of the fact that the album will make the listener feel like he or she is at a Neal McCoy show. “It’s like my shows, a little bit of everything that makes music special,” said the country music veteran. “‘XII’ has a little bit of church, a little bit of bar-room, a couple ballads that’ll encourage, and a real Texas thing about finding your groove in the midst of heartbreak with a cold beer and a good jukebox. Blake and Miranda had definite ideas about what this should be – you almost couldn’t hold ‘em back.’

Shelton called McCoy not only a friend, but a hero, and spoke about producing the platter, saying, “Our first priority with this album was that Neal only cut songs that he truly loved and was excited about. That was very important to us.” His equally excited and talented wife commented, “It was a blast seeing Neal and Blake together…had the place laughing all the time. I think fans will hear three different artists coming together on this album with their individual takes on the music.”

Produced by Shelton and Lambert, with a little bit of church, a little bit of watering hole energy and ballads, combined with the idea of getting your groove back despite heartache? This album just keeps getting better and better, as Neal is, for lack of a better word, the real McCoy.

‘XII’ Track Listing

‘Real Good Feel Good’
‘Judge a Man By the Woman’
‘Shotgun Rider’
‘That’s You’
‘Crazy Women’
‘Lucky Enough’
‘Every Fire’
‘That’s Just How She Gets’
‘Borderline Crazy’
‘Van Gogh’

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