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Baseball, softball, beach volleyball, water polo, golf, tennis, lacrosse, women's rowing, and outdoor track and field student-athletes rejoice you have your year of eligibility back.

Monday evening the NCAA Division I Council passed a vote that will be giving not only seniors back their eligibility but everyone.

Here is the official statement from the NCAA:

The greatest stipulation in this decision is that each individual program has the right to decide how much scholarship money is given to a particular athlete. As reported by Nicole Auerbach Senior Writer for The Athletic CFB:

Kendall Rogers is also reporting that this decision was a bit of a surprise:

In addition, it was also stated that the council decided to adjust financial aid rules, that way teams will be allowed to carry additional student-athletes that are on a scholarship that will accommodate the incoming recruits.

Schools will also be granted the ability to utilize the NCAA’s Student Assistance Fund in order to pay for scholarships for students who take advantage of their additional year of eligibility in 2020-21.

Sun Belt Commissioner Keith Gill also chimed in on the NCAA's decision:

Finally, LSU Athletic Director Scott Woodward had this to say on the decision via the Baton Rouge Advocate's Wilson Alexander:



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