If you're like me and you're hoping for snow this winter, I wouldn't hold my breath.

Growing up in the mountains in California, I find myself hoping for snow each and every winter. It's something we experienced often around this time of year however, living in the south it is a miracle to see those gorgeous flurries. This winter it doesn't look like we'll get the snow globe effect.

According to NOAA's Climate Prediction Center, we can expect the next three months to be warmer and dryer than average. When it comes to temperature, it looks like we have a 50 percent chance of having our temperatures be above our average. For precipitation, we have about a 35 percent probability of being below our normal levels of rain.

Of course, we have learned that weather can be completely unpredictable living in the south. We could see exactly what the National Weather Service is predicting or the complete opposite. With that in mind, I may continue to dream of a white Christmas.

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