It’s been twelve years since Natalie Portman hosted SNL, and you’d better believe another rap was coming. Watch the Annihilation star take on motherhood and defend the Star Wars prequels (with returning alum Andy Samberg) in a new Portman rap worthy of the original.

It was a busy night for SNL returns, between Alec Baldwin’s Trump and a colonial football sketch featuring beloved alum Rachel Dratch and Tina Fey. The trend continued as Natalie Portman returned to her most famous SNL bit; rapping alongside former digital short star and series alum Andy Samberg. The two last paired on “Natalie Raps” in 2006, while the new version covers everything from Portman’s motherhood to a graphic defense of Jar-Jar Binks and the Star Wars prequels.

The original bit was one of the early Lonely Island shorts, and featured then-cast member Chris Parnell in the interviewer role now filled by Beck Bennett. The Lonely Island also featured Portman’s track on their 2009 album Incredibad. Other highlights from the hour included a Stranger Things 3 preview of Portman as Eleven meeting the other test subjects with their varied powers. The episode also brought confirmation that the post-Olympics March 3 return will feature prior host Charles Barkley, along with musical guest Migos.

You can watch both the new Natalie Portman rapping sketch above and the original “Natalie Raps” below, and stay tuned for more as SNL takes hiatus through February.

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