This story is simply as tragic as it gets.

Over the weekend, I had several friends reach out and ask why traffic was so bad on I-20 on Saturday night. Now, as more information has come to light, the story continues to get worse.

Saturday night, it was reported as a motorcycle accident, but now, the full story has been shared and it's downright heartbreaking.

John Newhart Jr. was riding along I-20 Saturday with his fiance, Kimberly West, when he lost control of his bike. This caused West to fall off the bike completely. John then rushed to move his fiance out of harms way, by pushing her to safety. By doing this, it gave Newhart no time for escape himself and was hit point-blank by an oncoming car.

He died immediately.

West, on the other hand, was rushed to a nearby hospital where she was in critical condition, but alive. The two had just gotten engaged a few weeks ago.

John Newhart Jr. was a hero and showed how much he loved his fiance in the final moments of his life.

Newhart's family and friends are planning a benefit to honor his memory this Friday night at Bayou Thunder Saloon. The saloon is located at 1910 Market Street in Shreveport, and will begin at 7:00 PM.

RIP to a true hero, John Newhart Jr.

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