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Haughton baseball star Peyton Stovall has a bright future ahead of him. He's already committed to play baseball at Arkansas, which is an insanely dominant program right now. The Hogs just won the SEC regular season and tournament championships, have made the last two College World Series' (2018 and 2019, COVID stole 2020), and came a pop-fly error away from a National Championship in 2018.

But Stovall might not make it to the Arkansas campus. Because according to the latest mock draft at MLB.com, he might end up as a First Round MLB draft pick.

The latest mock draft from Jonathan Mayo says Stovall might be a target of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Mayo has Stovall being picked #29 overall by the Dodgers, and says the pick is "an association we’ve heard for quite some time this spring."

It's not just Mayo and MLB.com that think Stovall has a chance to be a First Round MLB draft pick, SBNation has a massive writeup on Stovall as a prospect. They make an analogy to a high school player drafted last year by the Boston Red Sox, Nick Yorke, who was taken #17 overall last year in the MLB Draft. Then dive into Stovall's scouting report. Here's what SBNation says about Stovall as a hitter:

"There’s a ton to like mechanically with this kid’s swing. Stovall stays in his back hip really well. There’s solid wrap and no drift in his swing with quiet hands. Stovall uses the whole field and does a good job staying up the middle in his approach. There’s some angle to his swing as well and some additional power projection coming.

One of the more impressive parts of Stovall’s game at the plate thus far has been his ability to adjust and handle anything the pitcher is throwing his way. He’s pummeled fastballs, sliders, curveballs and off-speed stuff without losing much juice. Much of his is possible due to his mechanics and exceptional lower half balance."

Now even if Stovall is selected in the First Round of the MLB Draft this July, he still has the option to enter college at Arkansas. The MLB Draft is not like the NFL or NBA Draft that many of us are familiar with. Players who get drafted out of high school will have the option to join a college program instead of their MLB team, and will then be eligible to enter the draft at a later date.

So even if Stovall is picked in the First Round by the Dodgers, he could head to Arkansas to play, and the Dodgers would lose the rights to him. Then in a few years when he would like to reenter the draft, another team could select him. So he could be picked by the Dodgers this year, go to Arkansas, and get drafted by the New York Yankees (or whoever) in three years. Either way, right now its obvious that he has the skills to make some noise with a bat at either the college, or pro level.


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