BUT,  Conrad Murray likely will only spend two years behind bars in California because of overcrowding.  The doctor's sentencing was announced earlier this week.


Jackson's doctor was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for causing Jackson to die of an overdose of propofol, a medication given intravenously as an anesthesia and only for surgery.  It was his way of treating the King of Pop for chronic sleep problems.

The trial only lasted six weeks.  During that time Murray did not take the witness stand in his on defense.

Murray's defense team described Jackson as a "drug seeker."

The prosecution's case involved circumstantial evidence surrounding the case,  and one such revelation was that Murray had never performed CPR on a patient before trying to save Michael Jackson's life with the procedure.

Many believed that was unconscionable that a doctor dispensing such strong drugs to patients could be inept enough not to have ever performed such an elementary life-saving  procedure.

It didn't help Murray one bit that a controversial documentary about Jackson's death quoted Murray as saying, "I don't feel guilty because I didn't do anything wrong."

The documentary was called "Michael Jackson and the Doctor: A Fatal Friendship"  that aired on MSNBC this month.

The judge cited the documentary several times in laying down the toughest penalty allowed by law.

If overcrowding reduces Murray's sentence in half and  he gets credited with time off for good behavior it's possible Murray won't even serve two years for the crime.

One would hope at least Murray's medical license will be  yanked and he won't be legally practicing medicine ever again when he gets out of prison.

Look for this story not to go away.  There's bound to be a civil trial for damages brought by Michael Jackson's estate.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was the undisputed King of Pop.  He died just days before beginning a comeback world tour with concert  promoter AEG that was to have been called "This is It."  Here's a photo taken in May of 2009 of Michael with  choreographer Kenny Ortega.

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