There was no winner this past Tuesday. There hasn't been a winner for some time. That means that tonight could be the night that your financial life changes if you choose to participate in the multi-state lottery game Mega Millions.

The estimated top prize in tonight's Mega Millions drawing is $415 million based on an annuity or $286 million if you won and took the cash payout.  The Mega Millions game is played in 46 states across the nation and tickets may be purchased at any local lottery retailer.

In order to win the top prize in the Mega Millions game you must match five numbered balls exactly on your ticket plus the Mega Ball. There are also other ways to collect a lot of money playing the game without winning the top prize.

The drawing is set for tonight at 10 PM tickets may be purchased up until 15 minutes before the drawing takes place. If you choose to play, good luck! If you happen to win, we will wish the best in your new life. We also remind you to be careful what you wish for.