Planking. Tebowing. Milking.

The latest stunt to take over the Internet is here, whether you want it or not. And this time, there's a fast food twist.

"McDiving" features people jumping over the counter at McDonald's. Yep, that's it. The potentially disruptive trend has has reached a fever pitch in Britain, with tons of YouTube videos and even a Facebook page.

For its part, Mickey Ds is none too pleased. The fast food giant released a statement saying, "We do not condone jumping over our restaurant front counters as it poses a serious health and safety risk to both the participants and our restaurant staff." The fact that McDonald's had to release a statement saying that they do not condone jumping over their counters is a testament to the weirdness happening on the Web these days.

Check out some McDivers in the videos below. Is this latest video trend funny or annoying?

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