Just a couple of months ago, back on May 30, Tim Trahan of Arcadia, decided to try his luck bass fishing in his neighbor's pond and that trip turned into something dreams are made of.

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After Tim got a bite on his Zoom Super Fluke, he set the hook on what would soon be the shock of his lifetime.

On the other end of his line was the largest bluegill ever caught in the state of Louisiana.

For those familiar with catching bluegill or bream, the thought of catching one over one pound is a dream come true, but the thought would never occur to most there was even a remote possibility of landing a massive bluegill over two pounds, however it happened late this spring here in North Louisiana.

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Has Made It Official

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has just certified his bluegill to weigh 2.24 pounds, eclipsing the old state record bluegill of 1.83 pounds that was caught in 2016 from Iatt Lake.

In a story from wired2fish.com, we learn that after catching the fish, Trahan said, “I asked my wife if I could get it stuffed. She said, ‘with peppers and onions?’ I said, ‘Well, now, I don’t know.'”

Wired2fish.com writes,

The fish was taken by Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Department for sampling to see if it was a true bluegill or a hybrid. They later confirmed it was pure bluegill and the new state record at 2.24 pounds.

Take a look at the video from K & M Coffee, Corks & Camo as Tim weighed the fish and saw that he was now a Louisiana state record holder.

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