Around lunchtime today, Machine Gun Kelly was spotted eating lunch with his daughter in downtown Shreveport.

This is simply really cool to me. It reminds me of life in the late 2000's in Shreveport. Back then, if social media was as prominent as it is now, your local feeds would be blowing up with celebrity sightings every single day.

Back then, it was nothing out of the ordinary to run into Gerard Butler at the Boardwalk, sit a few rows in front of Kevin Costner at a Mudbugs game, and then go sing karaoke in downtown Shreveport with Jimmy Fallon. There was a major star in Shreveport pretty much every day, year round, but social media wasn't nearly as big as it is now. You just had to be there, it was truly a magical time to live in Shreveport.

Sadly,. Hollywood eventually found a new place to film and left Shreveport for the most part. Sure, we still have a mega-star in town every now and then, but these days that is few and far between.

Whether you care to admit it or not, Machine Gun Kelly is one of the most talk-about artists in the world today. He's everywhere. He's in the headlines daily, for better or for worse. Oh, and he's dating Megan Fox.

Today, around lunchtime, MGK reportedly took his daughter to lunch in downtown Shreveport, ultimately deciding on dining at the wonderful Retro Down Town Café. The owner took to Facebook to express her pleasure with having the superstar in her café, while also stating that she and her staff respected his privacy. She was able to snap a picture once he stepped outside.

Also, a friend tweeted me showing off a pic with MGK at downtown's Rhino Coffee. I've added that pic below.

As of right now, we have no idea why Machine Gun Kelly is in the Ark-La-Tex, but you can find all of the wrong reasons by clicking HERE.


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