Have you ever watched a college football game in person in Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge? If so, you know the magic. You can feel the whole place roar when the LSU Tigers run onto the field. You can feel the stadium shake at the opening kickoff. You can feel the excitement in the air when the Tigers score a touchdown.

How does Tiger Stadium stack up with other college venues?

The LSU Tiger Wire reports one analyst puts Tiger Stadium at the top of the list for overall atmosphere.

Billy Embody with 24/7 Sports had this comment about watching a game at “Death Valley”:

I’m an outsider, so to speak. Didn’t grow up in Louisiana, but was an SEC diehard growing up and Saturday Night in Death Valley was always at the top to go to. I moved down to start covering LSU in 2016, Les Miles’ final few games, Ed Orgeron’s interim year. My first game I got to see live was LSU vs. Mississippi State. I opted to shoot pictures for some of that game. Nick Fitzgerald and the Bulldogs were backed up to their own 1-yard line in the endzone I shot from. I’ve never heard anything that deafening before that snap. There’s been moments since then that topped it, of course, which says a lot. Whether it’s Callin’ Baton Rouge pregame, when LSU takes the field, or “Neck” on occasion, it’s all a part of what makes LSU as good as it gets as far as an atmosphere.

 Alabama, Penn State, Oregon, and Ohio State are also noted for having a great atmosphere for watching a college football game.

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