The LSU Football Program has spent much time during the beginning of this off-season revamping their coaching staff.

According to reports, they're looking to the New Orleans Saints to fill their defensive coordinator vacancy after the firing of Bo Pelini with Saints assistant Ryan Nielson.

Early in the afternoon Monday it was believed to be a slam dunk according to Jane Slater of the NFL Network.

However, as the day has gone on it seems as though there might be a contractual issue Slater is reporting...

Very interesting the way things have turned out, we'll have to wait and see how this situation plays itself out, is there more to it than just a contractual issue? We'll see.

LSU has successfully already made over the offensive side of the football by hiring a couple of former Carolina Panther staffers in DJ Mangas as the Passing Game Coordinator and Jake Peetz as their new offensive coordinator.

The team is looking to bounce back and shake things up after a down year in 2020 and it seems as though Ed Orgeron is doing the right thing by trying to identify young, forward-thinking coaches to surround himself with.


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