When you have an issue, especially an issue that is totally embarrassing the last thing you want is people making jokes at your expense. Unfortunately for those who find themselves on the wrong end of the joke, the Internet can be like a little brother in the backseat while you're trying to take your girlfriend to the movies.

The LSU Tigers football team is feeling some of the Internet's troll powered humor today after announcing yesterday a self-imposed bowl ban. The Tigers made the move in response to NCAA investigations into alleged improprieties within the program or maybe it was Odell Beckham Jr. handing out cash to players following the LSU National Championship win in January of this year.

Regardless, here's just a small sample of how the Twitterverse is busting a gut over the Tigers' announcement yesterday.


Why yes, Zach, I do believe you are spot on with this observation. We knew the Tigers would be different without Joe Burrow and the myriad of Tiger players that were drafted into the NFL. We didn't think things would go this wrong this fast though.

Steven Ward, the Editor of Today in Mississippi was a lot more honest and forthright in his observation on the "bowl ban".

The thought might not sit well with the Tiger faithful but he's not wrong. I mean LSU lost to Mississippi State. I don't need to bring up the other losses, that one is enough. State couldn't beat an egg if it was time for breakfast.

Meanwhile, Twitter user Jason Priestas piggybacked on the same thought as Steven Ward. Let's face it, it's pretty easy to ban yourself from something that wasn't or shouldn't be happening anyway.

Well, Jason, I will miss seeing you on the ice this winter, not really. Just like I won't miss LSU playing in a bowl game this year. They haven't earned that honor so it is quite fitting that the Tigers not only sit out this bowl season but be forced to snack on a little humble pie in the process.

Maybe this is the year Louisiana football fans realize that the bunch in Lafayette, Louisiana's Ragin' Cajuns aren't a second-tier team anymore. I will enjoy watching and supporting the Cajuns in their postseason play.

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