The 15th ranked LSU baseball team makes its first true road trip of the season when they begin a three-game series against fifth ranked Vanderbilt tonight.

Senior Beau Jordan knows for the freshmen this will be a new experience.

While LSU has been in the middle of the pack in the SEC West, Vanderbilt has at, or near, the top of the standing in the SEC East. But those standings might be a little deceiving.

Because the SEC season is so new, you have to really look at the overall records between the two schools to have a better idea. When you do that, you see two teams who are very close in overall records.

These two teams are likely not that far apart.

But the rankings tell a different story. As Vanderbilt is a Top 5 team, and LSU is clinging to a 15th rank. If LSU doesn't perform well this weekend on the road, they could see that slip even further.

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