It's been a long road for those Louisiana who want to legally grow and sell medical Marijuana in Louisiana, but today is finally the day.  According to the Monroe News-Star, all of the legal hurdles and obstacles have now been surmounted, and the planting can begin.  Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner Mike Strain gave GB Sciences (one of 2 companies legally able to grow the controversial herb) the temporary green light to commence operations this morning.

The green thumbs up comes after a through investigation and inspection of the companies facilities confirmed it was ready to start growing the medicinal crop.  The plants will help provide cannabis-based medicines for 9 dispensaries across the state legally allowed to distribute them.  Patients will need a doctors recommendation to be able to legally acquire the medicines, and right now there are only 10 in the state.

From this point, officials from GB Sciences say it will take about 3 months for the first legally grown crop of Marijuana in Louisiana will be ready for patients.

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