A federal court has ruled that several states are owed money by the IRS. This is big money, too.

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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton commends a U.S. District Court decision ordering the Internal Revenue Service to repay Texas and five other states more than $839 million because of an unlawful Obamacare tax on state Medicaid programs.

Louisiana is owed more than $172 million dollars. Texas is owed more than $300 million. “Obamacare is unconstitutional, plain and simple,” Attorney General Paxton said. “We all know that the feds cannot tax the states, and we’re proud to return this illegally collected money to the people of Texas.”

Paxton led a multistate lawsuit against the federal government over the Obama-era regulation that threatened to choke off Medicaid funds for the health needs of millions of Texas citizens unless taxpayers paid a portion of the Health Insurance Providers Fee to help fund Obamacare. Indiana, Kansas, Wisconsin and Nebraska are also owed millions.

Attorneys for Texas and Wisconsin will argue at a hearing on September 5th that Obamacare, as amended by the recent tax bill, is unconstitutional in its entirety.

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