Car insurance is one of those things in life.  It's hard-earned money out of our pocket every month, paying for something we are all praying that we never have to use.  You would think that on the rare occasion that we do have to use it - it would be a breeze to deal with.  Surely, since you've payed so much - you will get sorted out as soon as possible, and the insurance company will do thier best to make sure you are comfortable and inconvenienced as little as possible.  I wrote that in the most sarcastic tone I could possibly muster.

All kidding aside, we pay a lot for car insurance.  We've made's Top-10 list for highest auto insurance rates in the nation.  We pay so much, we came in second only to Michigan.  The problem comes when you consider that the average household income in the Mitten-and-then-some State is $51,084 (as of 2015), andthe average household income of Louisiana residents is $45,727 (once again, 2015 numbers).  Even though the Michiganites are paying around $400 more per year in premiums, they are earning over $5000 more per year on average.

Here's what the top 5 states on the list are spending:

With premiums on the rise, Louisiana incomes will be more stressed than ever.  Check out the entire list here.

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