You spend a lot of time at the office. You might as well burn some calories while you're there, right?

It's so important to find something that you love to do for work. If you can do this you will never work another day in your life. Also, you spend so much the majority of your day at the office. For a lot of us, that means you're sitting... a lot. So we look for ways to burn calories at work like using a standing desk or walking laps on your lunch break. You have probably also asked how many calories you've burned typing or clicking that mouse.

Not as many as you think.

Thanks to Rhett Allain, an associate professor of physics at Southeaster Louisiana University, we now know that clicking a mouse will never work up a sweat. His daughter told him that every mouse click burned one calorie.

Lord, I wish.

After her assumption, Rhett went to work looking into it. He posted his findings in an article for Wired. He used lots of confusing words like joules and newtons but was able to determine an answer. Turns out that you would actually have to click a mouse 10 MILLION TIMES to burn just one calorie. You could accomplish such a feat in 11 and a half days, given that you click the mouse 10 times per second.

Now I just have to break it to my index finger that he will never be ripped. Womp womp.

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