A Louisiana man reported to us from Denver last evening that he had boarded a plane in New Orleans late Tuesday. His final destination was  Denver, Colorado. The gentleman, who spoke to us off the record, reported that he boarded the aircraft, found his seat, deplaned in Denver and managed to accomplish this feat without any violence.

When asked what he thought happened to make this flight so different than the flights and incidents we are seeing displayed all over the news and the Internet lately he explained it this way.

I think what actually happened is that people purchased their tickets and showed up at the gate on time. The passengers then boarded the plane in an orderly manner and paid attention to the flight crew's instructions.

The unnamed passenger did say there were times during the flight when he could tell that there was tension on the aircraft. He noted there seemed to be a lot of passengers concerned about when the drink and snack cart would pass by their row. He also told us of this harrowing moment that occurred mid-flight.

There was a gentleman in the seat next to me that needed to use the bathroom. He blew us all away when he waited for the "seat belt" sign to be turned off by the Captain. From what I can tell he finished his business and returned to his seat without incident.

We tried to reach the airline in question but they would not comment on this story citing any media information would have to come from the public information department of the company.

While this appears to be only an isolated incident many passengers are telling other news organizations they still plan to fly despite the inconsequential events reported by this particular passenger.

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