The right to fish and hunt in the Sportsman's Paradise is apparently going to cost you a little more in the coming months. At least it is certainly looking that way based on the actions of the Louisiana House of Representative's Natural Resources Committee.

That committee yesterday advanced a proposal that would increase the amount of money paid for hunting and fishing licenses in the state. Now before you get all up in arms over the rising cost of everything, just know this. According to Jack Montoucet, the State Wildlife and Fisheries Secretary, those fees have remained fairly steady for the past 20 years.

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How Much More Would a Louisiana Fishing License Cost?

The legislation that was approved by Natural Resources would allow for an increase of $7.50 for the basic fishing license. Currently, you'll pay $9.50 for that privilege. Should the legislation pass your fishing license fee would increase to $17.50.

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How Much More Would a Louisiana Hunting License Cost?

Your basic hunting license would see an increase of $50. The current fee to obtain a Louisiana hunting license is assessed at $150. That annual fee would jump to $200 should this legislation be approved and signed into law.

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Why Is There an Increase Needed?

According to Secretary Montoucet, the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has worked very hard over the last several years to do more with less. The department has now reached its tipping point and without the increase in funds, LDWF might have to change how they do their job or eliminate some important services.

Where Can I Get or Renew My Hunting and Fishing Licenses?

That action can be done online through the Louisiana Department of Wildlife website. The licenses renew annually in June. So, if you purchase a new license on June 1st you'll actually have 13 months for it to be valid. But all licenses must be renewed on or before June 30th, 2021 in order to hunt or fish legally anytime after that date.

Just for clarity, the legislation has only been passed by the Natural Resources Committee in the House. The measure will now go to the House Floor for further debate. Those who are against the increases are hopeful that other revenue streams such as federal COVID money can be used to offset the proposed increases in licensing fees.

Obviously, the legislation, should it clear the House would have to move on to the Senate for even more debate and discussion.

Meanwhile, if the only shooting you plan to do is with your camera or smartphone there is no increase planned for that and we know of some great places to snap those photos too.

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