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Louisiana continues to build on its rich tradition of filming across the state. The New Orleans area is currently host to multiple productions, and we've seen extensive filming in the Shreveport are this year. It's great to see the industry continue to support the state.

But its not just the filming that happens in the state that creates stars. The state itself creates them as well.

There are so many extremely talented moviemakers that are Louisiana natives. People like Anthony Mackie, Reese Witherspoon, Harry Connick Jr, Tyler Perry, Ellen DeGeneres, and Tim McGraw are all from Louisiana. Which is just a very small sample of the talent the state has produced.

So because its the Halloween season, we decided to look at this massive list of super talented actors from Louisiana, as see what they've done when it comes to the Horror movie industry. Because we love Horror movies, and we love to see Louisiana folks on the screen too.

Now, we're taking some liberties with this list. These aren't going to be the most critically acclaimed Horror movies...they're not all going to be "big budget"...some might not even be that scary. But we're looking at all angles of "Horror", and all levels of filming...which includes TV.

So with all of that said, lets see the list:

Louisiana Born Actors Who Have Appeared In Horror Films

Not all Horror movies have to be bloody and gory. There are are Horror movies made for kids, teens, TV, and even comedic Horror movies. So we're going to include all of them. Not to mention the fact we're including TV as well. We also took our information about where these celebrities were born from IMDB. So if we got one wrong, it's their fault.

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