A new report based on U-Haul truck rental data shows that Louisiana didn't see as much growth as other states.

Each year, U-Haul combs through their data gathered throughout the year to determine which states saw the most growth and which ones saw little growth. This is based on the simple idea that if a truck is rented in one state and takes a one-way trip to another state, there's a good chance that the renters relocated to that state. This means that they contributed to the growth of that state. This is then measured against the number of trucks that left the state.

Based on that data, Texas saw the most growth in 2017.

This has been a trend for the Lone Star State. They say that everything is bigger in the state of Texas. I guess that includes their population growth. Texas was able to continue it's reign at the top of this list, even after Hurricane Harvey tore through the southern part of the state.

Louisiana found itself in the bottom 10 on this list coming in at number 40. But we're not sad about it! You know how some people who think they are short (compare to others) say that it's because they were perfect and didn't need to grow anymore? We're applying that same logic here.

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