Baton Rouge rapper 'Boosie BadAzz' aka 'Lil Boosie' faced everyone's worst nightmare while on family vacation in Orlando, FL. With the weight of the trip's success resting on his shoulders, Boosie sent out a message to social media for help.

See the SOS video that Boosie shared via an Instagram post by @theshaderoom below.

'Lil Boosie' found himself in quite the predicament when on vacation with his family in Orlando, Florida. He showed up to the rental car business and realized that he had lost his identification. This is when Boosie decided to send out the all-call on social media in hopes of getting a loaner from someone in the Orlando area.

The Baton Rouge rapper explained why he couldn't utilize a driver or chauffeur service, as it was necessary for him to smoke in the vehicle and drivers typically haven't been allowing it. With all of the weight of his family's vacation resting on his shoulders, 'Lil Boosie' really was going through it.

He also put out the offer of $700 in cash to use someone's truck for a couple of days, with the caveat that he had to be able to smoke in it.

This is anyone's worst nightmare. Getting somewhere important and realizing that you lost your I.D. - there really isn't any worse feeling in the world. Add in the fact that you are out of your home-area, on vacation, with a bunch of kids and everyone is looking to you to lead the pack for summer-fun.

You really can tell how upset Boosie is with himself in this video. He knows that losing his I.D. was his fault and that he had put his family in a tight spot. I hope someone near Orlando was able to point him in the right direction so that he could find a mode of transportation while on summer vacation with his crew.

We know all-too-well how much 'Boosie BadAzz cares about his kids', even when he has to show tough love like when he made his children walk the property line for hours as punishment after not behaving properly.

boosie badazz punishes children instagram
boosienewnewig via Instagram

We have all been there, but I don't think anyone else besides 'Lil Boosie' could send out the message for help to Instagram and actually get some help. We will wait to hear back from Boosie if he was ever able to get a ride lent to him.

While 'Lil Boosie' resides in Atlanta, Georgia now - you can tell from the above story that he is a Louisiana boy through and through. Check out other signs that let you know you are definitely from The Boot by reading on below.

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