As the LSU Baseball head coach's career came to an end, the announcer at Paul Mainieri's last game as the Tigers leader congratulated him on his career. As the announcement came over the loud-speaker, a myriad of boos came from the crowd while Mainieri soaked up the last moments of his time with the Tigers.

The LSU Tigers baseball team concluded their season's journey with a loss to Tennessee. Head Coach Paul Mainieri concluded a journey of his own, with it being the last game of a 15-year-run as the Tigers leader. Hopes of a shot at a National Championship in Omaha, Nebraska were gone and so was this chapter in LSU Athletics history.

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Coach Mainieri could be seen in the dugout as the game concluded soaking in what was life of his time at Louisiana State University. Probably not the way the head coach wanted to go out, but baseball is an unforgiving game and this man has been around long enough to understand that the game won't always love you back.

But as the PA announcer at the Super Regional in Knoxville, Tennessee congratulated Coach Mainieri in front of the whole stadium, a barrage of boos began flying his way. There were cheers mixed in with the reaction to the announcement, but the boos were clearly heard across the diamond.

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An emotional Paul Mainieri absorbed it all while sitting in the Tigers dugout one final time.

See, and hear, the moment the PA announcer congratulated Coach Maneri on his career and the crowd's subsequent reaction via @ReggieChatman on Twitter below.

Social media initially reacted to the clip with a, "he got what he deserved" type of attitude. See some of those reactions below.

While these reactions on Twitter show support for the boo-ing in some ways, LSU supporters voiced their opinions with the below posts.

Needless to say, there is some bad blood amongst fans of SEC schools. This is not news by any means, but it goes to show how deep some of the rivalries run across College sports especially in the South.

Paul Mainieri coached college baseball for close to 40 years and is hanging up his LSU hat at the age of 63-years-old.

Coach Mainieri will be regarded as a celebrity should he stroll about campus again someday, but there are other big celebrities that have walked the Baton Rouge school grounds as well. Check out who they are below.

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