I think the only surprise is that it took this long.

The way most LSU fans look at Les Miles changed forever several weeks ago. I'm sure by now you're all aware, but if not, here's what led us here.

A Husch Blackwell investigation into LSU from back in 2013 was made public a couple of weeks ago. That investigation detailed Les Miles' many interactions with females students on campus. Those interactions included, "texting female students, taking them to his condo alone, making them feel uncomfortable and, on at least one occasion, kissing a student and suggesting they go to a hotel after telling her he could help her career."

The investigation also shared the shocking news that these allegations were so serious within the university, that LSU athletic director Joe Alleva tried his hardest to have Les fired that same year over them. Despite his best efforts, Miles remained the head coach at LSU until 2016.

The investigation also showed that Miles had made a private settlement with one of the female students.

Naturally, once this news broke I was shocked that Les Miles was still the head coach of the Kansas Jayhawks. Typically and rightfully, most of the time you'll see swift action taken following allegations of this type.

I'm assuming Kansas decided to do research of their own, before finally deciding a couple of weeks later that Les Miles could no longer be the face of their football team.

Kansas athletic director Jeff Long says, "I am extremely disappointed for our university, fans and everyone involved with our football program. There is a lot of young talent on this football team, and I have no doubt we will identify the right individual to lead this program. We will begin the search for a new head coach immediately with an outside firm to assist in this process. We need to win football games, and that is exactly what we're going to do."



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