It was only last week that Legion built to David Haller finally vanquishing his yellow-eyed foe, only for Season 1’s finale post-credits to pivot toward a more opaque threat. See for yourself, as FX releases the full post-credits tease from Legion, as David prepares to meet his next enemy.

Spoilers beware for Legion Season 1 from here on out, but fans are still reeling over that cryptic post-credits tease, which featured a bizarre device scanning and abducting David (Dan Stevens) in the midst of a quiet moment with Syd (Rachel Keller). As to what the device actually represents (theories run the gamut from Mojo to The Shi’ar), showrunner Noah Hawley would only tease:

It means that Season 2 is beginning. It means that we’ve completed this story and we’re starting a new one. You know, my goal is always that the first season would be about fighting the enemy within and, you know, learning about this entity that was inside of David and about getting it out of David, and Season 2 will be about then the enemy without and this entity now we know is a person.

But for us it’s never a simple straight line between point A and point B, so you know I wanted to complicate it some by having David disappear just at the moment where he’s about to go off in pursuit of the Shadow King. As for who’s behind the orb and who sent it, I think that’s one of the mysteries we want to explore in Season 2.

There’s every chance that said orb could be the “Equinox” mentioned (but never explained) by Division 3. In the meantime, the ten episodes of Legion Season 2 are expected to premiere in early 2018, also moving production to California, so stay tuned for the latest.

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