What's going on here?

Ole Miss Head  Football Coach Lane Kiffin made an appearance at the SEC Media Day on Monday and he took full advantage of the moment.

A video of Kiffin signing a bottle of mustard for an LSU fan has gone viral and now many are asking what's the catch here?

Does this have anything to do with the reference Katy Perry, who is a pop artist, made about LSU fans years ago? Recall when she stated that LSU fans smell like corn dogs?

Whatever the case is here, many on social media seem to enjoy this jab from Kiffin and some are even noting that the brand of mustard isn't up to par in the video here.

Here's Kiffin doing what he does best, trolling.

Another video has surfaced since the signing and the LSU fan explains why he asked Kiffin for his signature. Apparently, he's a fan.

Check this out.


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