They're called the BaldKnobbers and they're exciting country and comedic entertainers from Branson, Mo. In fact, Life Magazine said Branson IS the BaldKnobbers.


The Baldknobbers are the first concert this year to be sponsored  by the KWKH Legends Concert Series. They are coming to the historic Strand Theatre Friday, Jan. 27th.  You'll enjoy a fantastic cast of dynamic singers, musicians, comedians and entertainers.

This fantastic group will perform not only country classics, but also hot new country hits and hilarious (you'll never laugh so hard) comedy.  There really is something for everyone in this family event KWKH Legends Concert.

Ike was in the White House and Alaska had just become our 49th state when the Mabe brothers started entertaining folks with Branson's first country music show in 1959.

Today, the Baldknobbers Jamboree is an entertainment powerhouse honoring God and country with a patriotic blend of classic and contemporary country, golden gospel and outrageous comedy.

Their cast of seasoned professionals is proud to present a fun-filled family show that touches the hearts and funny bones of all ages.


For tickets,  go to the Strand,  or call 318-226-8555.

We'll see you at this special premiere KWKH event.

The Baldknobbers are country family entertainment similar to the Hee Haw show of the 1970's, and KWKH is proud to present them in concert at the Strand in Shreveport, Fri., Jan. 27th.   We're bringing Branson to you!


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