One of my favorite wrestlers of all time is Kurt Angle. Dude is a PHENOMENAL athlete. He won a gold medal with broke freakin' neck, he's won countless titles in WWE, New Japan Pro Wrestling and TNA...dude is just a beast.

But Kurt also has had some problems in his life. He's battled drug addiction, alcohol addiction and sorts of other demons. But, these days, Kurt is back on the straight and narrow and back in the WWE. In fact, for the first time in 11 years, Angle will be returning to the WWE for a match.

Angle is replacing Roman Reigns in the main event of TLC tonight. Roman has apparently come down with some sort of viral infection and our Olympic hero will be joining the remaining members of the Shield for the main event match against the Miz, the Bar, Kane and Braun Strowman.

It kind of sucks Angle didn't get a big storyline for his return, but no matter what, I'm glad to see him at least get one more Main Event in the WWE before he retires.

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