It has been one hell of year for Kurt Angle. After quitting WWE due to drug addiction in 2006, it has been a wild ride for Kurt. He went to TNA, was arrested dozens of was crazy. But, this is a story of redemption. While under contract with TNA, Vince McMahon paid for Angle's rehab, he's been sober for 4 years and now, he has returned home.

Initially, Kurt and the WWE both said that they were taking it one day at a time. He was being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and that was it. Kurt said his goal was to earn back the trust of his former employers and maybe be able to do more stuff in the future. Well, apparently, Kurt has done just that because last night Mr. McMahon announced that Kurt Angle was the new GM of Raw.

And Kurt did not miss a beat. Not only was a raucous crowd of nearly 14 thousand behind Kurt, but he delivered the goods. He had a couple of great comedic spots. It was almost like he never left in the first place.

As a wrestling fan, I couldn't be happier that Kurt is home. As a person that's spoken to Kurt a few times and knowing his personal story, I'm am beyond thrilled the man got a happy ending to his tale of redemption. It's True. It's Damn True!


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