I had kept wondering how close to a real whopper the new Impossible Whopper would taste. I made the trip to Burger King and ordered "The Impossible Whopper". Yeah, I felt cool saying it to the intercom. I thought since it was a “fake” burger it would be a cheaper burger. Turns out it’s a dollar more than the regular Whopper. I wouldn’t say it’s a healthier option either. The classic Whopper has 660 calories compared to the 630 Impossible Whopper.

Krystal Montez

When it comes to the patty, it does look like meat and the texture can fool me into thinking it’s a legit 100% meat burger. To be honest I couldn’t taste the difference. Maybe it’s because I don’t eat Whoppers regularly. My boyfriend tried it and he said: “It’s pretty good.” Overall, I would not order it again. Give me that chicken sandwich and take me back to my childhood. As for the Impossible Whopper, it fooled me. I couldn't taste the difference.