Kristen Bell just became our women's rights champion!

Without getting all political on you, there is a gender gap when it comes to pay in the country. We can see someone like Jennifer Lawrence CRUSH it in the Hunger Games franchise and still see less money than a male, had the story line centered around Gale or Peta.

When it comes to the workforce, women make less.

So, Kristen Bell decided to take this head on, by doing what she does best, throwing in sarcasm. This video perfectly shows what happens in the office. We bring a heck of a lot to the table and also have the ability to outshine our male counterparts.

The video circles around a new company that promises to be cheaper than getting labor down by other countries. The solution is to just hire women because they won't ask for more. It's funny, but it's also a video that makes me want to stand up and demand more of what I think I deserve.

So take notes ladies...


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