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I've been a huge fan of trading card collecting as long as I can remember. When I was really little, I was into comic book trading cards, but as I got older I moved into sports cards. I even got to the point where my collection was so big, I began selling as a dealer at sports card shows.

After taking years off when my kids were growing up, I've found myself getting back into the card collecting world a lot more over that last few years.

A couple weeks ago, I found a video where someone kept track of the most expensive modern sports cards sales of the week on eBay. It was pretty crazy to see how expensive some of the cards were going for. But that's what's been happening with the sports card industry lately. Stores can't keep unopened packs and boxes in stock, because people are buying them so much. The demand for packs and cards is probably higher than its ever been.

Yes, even during a pandemic. Here's what I wrote at that time...

"Even though the world has been dealing with multiple financial struggles over the last 12 months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the hobby world hasn't really been impacted. People who collect celebrity autographs, Star Wars collectibles, actions figures, comic books, Magic cards, and a ton of other collectibles have been going strong without letting up since the start of the pandemic."

But the cards that sold on eBay this past week were even crazier than before.

Now sure, it was the week of the Super Bowl, and the greatest NFL player of all time was playing in his 10th Super Bowl, so his rookie cards were jumping like crazy. But it was an NBA legend that actually took center stage.

We recently passed the one year mark on the death of Kobe Bryant. That milestone likely led to this amazing sale that lands at #1 on the list, going for an incredible half a million dollars.

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