For the last year, 1130 The Tiger has played host to the Jay Mohr Show every weekday afternoon. For the last few weeks, Jay Mohr as been suspiciously absent from his own show.

However today we have found out that Jay Mohr and Fox Sports Radio are parting ways. In a statement on the situation, Mohr said:

“I’ve always loved radio, and having a national platform to share my brand of sports talk and comedy was an incredible experience.  I loved interacting with the fans, athletes and sports figures over the past three years, but it’s become difficult to juggle the commitment of a three-hour weekday radio show with a film and TV career, stand-up comedy shows, as well as time with my family.   It was a tough decision to leave radio, but I appreciate all the support from the team at FOX Sports Radio and Premiere Networks, as well as the listeners and fans.” 

A new host, or show, will be named soon, and will join 1130 The Tiger in the 2pm-5pm time slot on weekdays.

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