After 13 games as an NFL head coach, Urban Meyer is out in Jacksonville. The news came as a surprise to absolutely no one.

When rumors began to swirl last year of Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan interest in hiring former college coach Urban Meyer to become his next head coach, I was puzzled.

I debated with several callers on my radio show why I would be shocked if Meyer took the job.

During his college tenures at Utah, Florida, and Ohio State, he had full control.

The word "dictator" is used liberally when discussing coaches, but as it pertains to Meyer, he was the closest thing to it as a college head coach.

Why would he want to take an NFL job, where he has no experience, and where head coaches never yield the power and control of an elite college football coach?

Meyer's pattern of behavior as head coach in college, where he was unable to avoid controversy but skated by most of it by winning, showed proof of overwhelming power, and at times, abuse of it.

With a history of evidence to suggest Meyer would fail in the NFL, today's news of his firing is the least surprising league story this season.

How bad was Meyer's tenure? Jacksonville (2-11) owns the worst record in the league and he's blamed everyone except himself.

Here are a few more few examples of Meyer failures.

College football and the NFL are the same sport, but different in every other aspect. Some of the best in college simply aren't cut out for the pros.

Will Meyer, 57, bounce back?

While everyone deservedly kicks him while he's down, he'll likely take a year off from football, before a college program comes calling in about a year.

For the time being, at least enjoy the internet content Meyer's failures have provided.

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