The El Paso County Sheriff’s Department along with Hospice of El Paso helped make the dream of one lucky El Paso boy come true this past weekend as he became a Sheriff for a day all thanks to The Butterfly Program. 

Even Molina always dreamed of becoming a lawman, and on Wednesday, his dream came true. The El Paso County Sheriff's Office held a special ceremony proclaiming Even Molina "Sheriff for a Day."

As part of the honor, Molina donned the official uniform, complete with a tin star and black hat. He enjoyed a ride along with deputies and cruised in the Sheriff's patrol car, experiencing firsthand the life of a law enforcement officer.


Molina's mother, Dana Juarez, shared her son's lifelong admiration for law enforcement. 

"His father figure is a policeman so he was raised wanting to become a cop, but once he saw the uniform with the sheriff and the way they interact with the public—I'm not going to lie—he fell in love."

The heartwarming event was made possible by Hospice of El Paso’s Butterfly Program, which provides palliative and hospice care to pediatric patients. The program's initiative brought joy and a sense of fulfillment to Molina, who has always looked up to those who serve and protect.

Even Molina's dream of becoming a lawman, if only for a day, highlights the power of community and the importance of fulfilling childhood dreams. 

The Sheriff's Office and The Butterfly Program worked together to create an unforgettable day for Molina, celebrating his bravery and passion for law enforcement.

Texas Boy's Dream Comes True as 'Sheriff for a Day'

Gallery Credit: Courtesy: Anthony Police Department