When it comes to Super Bowl Sunday it’s safe to say that although most people are there for the actual football game, the other half of the people are there for the food!

Well, apparently some people have superstitions when it comes to game day food. Yup, it turns out, your snack choices might just determine whether your team will win the Super Bowl or not.

According to a fresh study, a whopping 44% of people are strong believers on Super Bowl food superstitions.


Good Luck Super Bowl Food:

Pizza reigns supreme as the ultimate charm for good luck on Game Day. Who would've guessed that a slice of cheesy goodness could hold such power? 

But wait, it gets even juicier. Hot dogs snag second place, followed by burgers, chips, popcorn, and the list goes on.


Bad Luck Super Bowl Food:

Apparently Deviled eggs tops the charts as the ultimate jinx on Game Day. Avoid them at all costs if you're craving that winning edge. 

Beware the garlic bread – it's a close second in the realm of unlucky eats. Also on the list, and personally something I DON’T AGREE WITH because it’s my favorite Super Bowl snack, salsa and queso dip is deemed BAD LUCK for Super Bowl Sunday. *CRIES IN SPANISH* 

Other items on the “Bad Luck” list of food to have at your Super Bowl party include mozzarella sticks, mini burgers, and trail mix. 

So, whether you see chicken wings as a blessing or a curse, one thing's for sure: your Super Bowl spread might have more power than you ever imagined.

Super Bowl Dishes

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