California may be the "police chase capital of the world" but Texas is not too far behind from claiming that title. Yes in a recent study it turns out that not only does Texas rank very highly in regards to how many police chases there are in the state, we as citizens are in the great danger anytime there IS one occurring.

How many people die in police chases in Texas?

Statista released their numbers of people who have died in police chases between 1996-2015. In Texas alone, 762 people died as a result from a police pursuit (it doesn't factor in whether they were involved in crashes or shot at by police). The only state higher was California with 827 deaths.

24WallSt also put out their numbers with some slightly different results; Texas ranked #13 (mainly because of the number of violent crimes per 100k, we got #16). However... we still ranked #2 in terms of pursuit-related deaths as well as bystander deaths (177).

Car Crash with police

Keep in mind: these are results from BEFORE 2016. Since then, things have only gotten worse. CBS News mentioned that 72 people die in crashes from police chases in the state of Texas in 2021; twice as many from 2011..

And this is a trend that's still going on now; in 2023 we've seen some INSANE chases from all over the state:

Dallas/Fort Worth,


The migrant situation also had a hand into the increase of police chases in Texas; some happened right here in El Paso.

And it just continues on into 2024...


The best way to avoid becoming a statistic is, if you see police coming from behind, get out of the way the best you can. And don't get involved in a pursuit; there's absolutely no need to put yourself in unnecessary risk.

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