It's been a hot topic of conversation lately; the ban on porn websites in the state of Texas.

Photo, Getty Images/Canva
Photo, Getty Images/Canva

Well, I guess, to be clear, the websites are not technically banned; the state of Texas has passed an age-verification law that would require users to enter their information before gaining access to an adult website.

Unfortunately, PornHub, and now other adult websites, have decided that while it is a great concern, and safety is a high priority, they're not totally on board with making their users go through so many hoops to watch their favorite adult film star. So, PornHub decided to restrict access to users in Texas.

Shortly after PornHub restricted access to Texans, many other adult sites followed suit. Needless to say, things have been a bit tense since then.

Since then, not surprisingly, Texas saw an increase for VPN services- and along the way, many came up with hacks.

But, just exactly what are Texans googling now?

Aside from an increase in VPN services, over on Google Trends, some of the things Texans almost immediately googled were:

"how to watch porn in Texas?"

This particular search term peaked on March 19- shortly after some adult sites restricted access. This search term was mostly searched for in the Waco-Temple-Bryan metros.

Another highly popular search terms was "pornhub alternatives" which saw it's peak from March 19 to March 20. This was an item of particular interest to those in San Antonio, Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston. Other terms that saw an increase in searches were:

Google Trends
Google Trends

Obviously, Texans are starting to get a little creative. If you do find yourself in El Paso, Texas, though, you'd be wise to instead check out Adult Video Warehouse's special offer.

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