We've seen many football players make it into the NFL from El Paso, Texas. And we're not just talking about former players for the UTEP Miners; there have been players born in the Sun City who have gone in the big leagues AND WON the biggest game in the NFL: the Super Bowl.

Jim O'Brien (Super Bowl V)

James Eugene O'Brien, aka Jim O'Brien, became the first El Paso born player to win a Super Bowl. Born on February 2, 1947, the El Paso native went to play college football in Cincinnati before he was picked up by the Baltimore Colts in 1970. In fact Jim was the placekicker for the Colts and won the game winning field goal during Super Bowl V against the Dallas Cowboys.

Speaking of the Cowboys..

Billy Davis (Super Bowl XXX & Super Bowl XXXV)

Yes the former Dallas Cowboy (and Irvin High School alumni), Billy Davis was born in El Paso on July 6, 1972. Billy played for Pitt in college and then was drafted into the NFL in 1995 by the Dallas Cowboys. He played with them from 1995-1998 & was part of the winning Cowboys team during Super Bowl XXX.

Super Bowl XXX
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Billy also played for the Baltimore Ravens from 99-00; he won his 2nd Super Bowl ring  by being part of the winning Ravens team during Super Bowl XXXV when they beat the New York Giants.

Billy Davis #86
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Billy certainly has cemented his place in El Paso history when he was inducted into the El Paso Athletic Hall of Fame in 2017.

If you want to see some other Texas Super Bowl champions, there are plenty of them to see HERE.

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