Michael Jackson will forever be known as the King of Pop. Even after a decade since his passing, we love hear any story involving Michael unless it's music related or not. One of the coolest I've seen is when MJ came to Houston Texas, not to perform, but to shop at the mall for food & a stuffed animal.

Where did Michael Jackson go shopping in Texas?

If you've travelled to Houston, you're fully aware of its many malls (one of the largest malls in the entire United States is located in Houston). But the one that Michael went to was the Memorial City Mall on 303 Memorial City Way; we can confirm this from this achieved news article from Chron on July 29, 2004.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Michael was wearing a long red sleeve shirt, black pants & black shoes; just a very casual outfit. Many of his bodyguards were around him to protect him from the swarm of curious onlookers of shoppers who wanted a glimpse of Michael Jackson inside their local mall; over 600 people crowded around Michael & his security. He didn't have any shopping bags when he left but he DID stop by the Build-a-Bear for a stuffed monkey (signed one of the boxes) & got a sample of pretzels in front of the Auntie Anne's before heading back to his SUV & leaving.

If it wasn't for the ABC 13 TV news station, you would've thought this story was absolutely crazy! But it's not; take a look for yourself.

This is certainly up there as one of the most amazing Michael stories I've heard; right next to him renting out a grocery store to go shopping without anyone harassing him.

We miss you Michael. R.I.P. to the King of Pop.

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