Not everything is bigger in Texas. In fact, the scam behind this wannabe skyscraper is bigger than the building itself.

Wichita Falls, Texas, is home to what is known as "the world's littlest skyscraper". Not many people brag about having the smallest anything but, in Wichita Falls, they're way proud of it.

It may be small but it's tough. Since 1919, it's been through fires, tornadoes, neglect and sheer abandonment. Yet it rises above town today as sturdy as ever.

Here's the official story behind the Newby-McMahon building.

When the discovery of black gold in nearby Burkburnett turned thousands of Wichita County residents into instant millionaires, mineral rights deals were being made on street corners and in the shade of quickly erected tents that served as oil company headquarters. There was a desperate need for office space in Wichita Falls, and a Philadelphia oil man/promoter named J.D. McMahon came running to the rescue.

With blueprints in hand, he set about quickly selling $200,000 in stock to investors caught up in the quick-buck frenzy of the day. - texascooppower

McMahon promised a multistory office building across from the St. James Hotel. However, the blueprints he submitted were in inches, not feet.

In their hurry to have the building built and get the office space they desperately needed, no one noticed and the investors signed.

The buildings outside dimensions were only 11' by 19' and stairwells took up 25% of the interior space. Oil execs needed the offices though so, they crammed into the tiny 'scraper and made the best of the situation.

Needless to say, investors were pretty PO'd. Meanwhile, McMahon disappeared. They tried, unsuccessfully, to find him and also sought legal action against him.

No dice though ... the court ruled against them, stating that McMahon had built to the exact specifications investors signed off on.

The moral of this story is, read contracts and official documents VERY carefully.

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