There have been some horrible tragedies in Texas' history; some were the result of awful explosions that would take many lives. In the last 100 years, not only has Texas seen some MASSIVE explosions, these rank among the worst in U.S. (and the world's) history.

1937 New London Texas Explosion

The first major explosion to affect Texas was the 1937 explosion that would destroy the London School in New London, Texas. On March 18, a natural gas leak would lead to an explosion that would kill nearly 300 students & teachers. To this day, it's considered the 3rd worst disaster in Texas history. You know it's bad when even Adolf Hitler sends messages of condolences....

1947 Texas City Disaster

10 years after the New London explosion, Texas would see another horrible explosion, this time in Texas City. On April 16, 1947, the Galveston Bay would be rocked after the SS Grandcamp, carrying 2,300 tons on ammonium nitrate fertilizer exploded.

In addition to the fires, a giant 15 foot wave would cause massive damage and loss to life. Between 400 to 600 people were killed in one of the worst industrial disasters in U.S. history.

It would be many years before Texas would see another massive explosion but that would change in 2005 in the same place as the 1947 disaster...

2005 Texas City Refinery Explosion

Texas City would see another horrible explosion, this time at the BP America Refinery on March 23rd. While trying to remove components from one of the large stacks, a spark from a nearby truck ignited an explosion that caused a massive vapor cloud that hung over the refinery. 15 workers were killed & 180 were injured.

2013 West Fertilizer Plant Explosion

The final explosion on our list occurred on April 17, 2013 in West, Texas. The West Fertilizer Plant was destroyed due to an ammonium nitrate explosion, killing 15 people & destroying hundreds of homes. The blast was SO huge, it was registered as a 2.1 magnitude earthquake.

This particular explosion was captured by many people on their cell phones, which shows off just how dramatic this explosion was...

Now Texas has seen many other explosions make the news before, but these 4 are usually considered the biggest (and worst) ever seen in history. Our condolences go out to all the lives lost during these tragic disasters...

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